Andrii Artemenko aka Andy Kuchma: Network Connections

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Kuchma/Artemenko Companies

Global Management Association, Corp.

  • Incorporated 11 July 2005 in Florida (active)
  • Andy Kuchma, vice president and president, Oksana Kuchma president and agent.
  • Incorporated 26 March 2009 in Florida (active)
  • Andy V Kuchma, president, Kuchma Oksana, president, vice president, agent
  • Website: Andy Kuchma President, Yan Aronov Chief Executive Officer, Kostiantyn Anapreichyk Vice President, Baruch Vega Vice President Latin America, Vitalii Artemenko Vice President Development Issues, Miroslav Bykov Organizational Development, Leonid Yastremskiy Resource Development
  • Same address as Gitman companies

Kuchma and Erik Prince’s Frontier Resource Group

Airtrans LLC

  • Incorporated 4 March 2010 in Florida (active)
  • Andy V Kuchma, Kuchma Oksana, president and agent, Yan Aronov, chairman
  • Original members Andrew Rubinshteyn and Global Assets Inc.
  • Website team — Andy Kuchma Executive Chairman, Yan Aronov CEO, Kostiantyn Anapreichyk Vice President, George Seleznov COO, Baruch Vega Director Latin American Operations, Kristina Ilyushina Head of Marketing (previously listed Nabil Bader)
  • Website shows World Aviation Group is part of Frontier Resource Group
  • Website display a telephone number that is the same as Kuchma and Aranov’s AirTrans LLC and another telephone number the same as Alphanet Technologies.
  • Website displays address that is the same as World of Luxury, the agent for Kuchma’s American Industrial Group.

Gitman Companies (partial list related to chart)

Worldwide Aviation Group L.L.C.

  • Incorporated 25 March 2010 in Florida (active)
  • David Gitman, agent
  • Incorporated 6 April 2005 in Florida (active)
  • DAVID Gitman, agent

Kislin Companies (partial list related to chart)

Brunlow Limited Inc.

  • Incorporated 18 May 2005 in New York (inactive)
  • BRUNLOW LIMITED INC, principal executive office, SAM KILSIN, chief executive officer (note: In this OpenCorporates link the name is spelled “Kilsin” vs Kislin”)
  • In 2006 Sam Kislin wrote a letter to sponsor Gennady Klotsman, former business associate of Felix Sater.

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