CHART: SCL and Cambridge Analytica — Active and Related Companies in 2020

Active SCL and CA companies, directors, shareholders and new data, communications, campaign companies with (or linked to) former SCL/CA people. Data Propria, Humn Behavior and Phunware have been reported to be working on Trump 2020.

Note: please share the link to this page instead of a screenshot as the chart may be updated periodically. There is no indication of wrongdoing for any of the companies or people on this chart. The chart is made available to help researchers and others track active companies that may be involved in the 2020 presidential campaign or other campaigns or similar projects in the U.S. and worldwide. Source links are provided below the chart.

SCL and Cambridge Analytica Companies

SCL Insight Limited

  • Alexander Nix, Alexander Oakes, Amrish Kumar (Ovleno Business Intelligence, SCL partner), Avneesh Kumar Rai
  • Ovleno Business Intelligence Ppt Ltd — SCL India, company website, Status: strike-off, but website still active, people: AmrishTyagi (MD), Himanshu Sharma (Vice President)
  • Directors: Rebekah Ann Mercer, Jennifer Mercer, Jacquelyn James-Varga (Mercer accountant), Gary Ka Chun Tiu (works with Johnson Chun Shun Ko, Erik Prince’s business partner)
  • Significant control: Cambridge Analytica Holdings LLC (Mercer controlled)
  • Former directors: Ahmad Al Khatib (later founded Auspex International), Johnson Chun Shun Ko (Erik Prince’s business partner at Frontier Services Group), Cheng Peng — aka Sandy Peng (worked with Johnson Chun Shun Ko), Alexander James Ashburner Nix, Alexander Bruce Tayler, Julian David Wheatland
  • Branch, Virginia company # F2059592 — status revoked

New companies with former SCL / CA People

Auspex International Ltd

  • Confirmation statement — shareholders as of June 2019: Vision Holdco Limited — 800 A ordinary shares, Vision Esop Limited — 200 B ordinary shares
  • Employees: Catalina Bodrug — Research Scientist (LinkedIn), James Hillier, Senior Campaign Manager (LinkedIn), Iona Daisy, Senior Project Manager (LinkedIn)
  • Auspex International website: AUSPEX is a data-driven communications consultancy focusing on political, social and developmental campaigns that deliver positive outcomes.
  • Confirmation statement — shareholders as of August 2019: Vision Holdco Limited — 1 A ordinary share (appears to be owned by Al Khatib), Mark Turnbull — 500 B ordinary shares, Alastair Harris — 83 B ordinary shares, Iona O’Donnell — 83 B ordinary shares, Mihajlo Popesku — 83 B ordinary shares, Umar Akhtar — 83 B ordinary shares
  • Inc. 1 Feb 2018, Nevada — Active — Company # E0056442018–2, Controlling company — Cloud Commerce (part owned by Brad Parscale), Andrew Van Noy, President, Greg Boden, Secretary, Zack Barlett, Treasurer. Employees: Matt Oczkowski — President, David Wilkinson, E. Jerome G. — Data Engineer Data Propria.
  • Google description: Data and Behavioral Science Experts, Data Propria website: We elevate the art of storytelling at the nexus of where science meets emotion. We gather, understand, and apply rational qualities of human interpretation to produce measurable results.
  • Data Propria, Inc. (branch)Inc. 21 Feb 2018, Texas — Active — Company # 0802940677, Directors: Greg Boden, Zack Bartlett
  • Data Propria UK LtdInc. 22 Feb 2016, UK — Active — Company # 10019808, Directors and owners: Andrew Lewis Van Noy, Gregory Scott Boden, Zachary Morgan Bartlett
  • Inc 4 Dec 2014, NV — default — Company # E0607322014–1, Matthew Oczkowski
  • HuMn Behavior, LLC (branch) DC # EXTUID_4149723 — revoked, Todd Van Etten
  • Acrion Global websiteA communications agency dedicated to developing and implementing strategies for winning campaigns.
  • Livia Krisandova worked with Alexander Nix, and per his House testimony, he asked Krisandova to contact Wikileaks speakers bureau.
  • Directors: Adatala Dileswera Rao, Theepa Selvakumaran, Vivek Venkatesh Iyer (former), Ian Irvin Swycher (former). Significant owners: Clear Holdings Limited (BVI), Anzen Limited (BVI)
  • Employees: Tee Ganbold — Co-Founder & CMO Clear AI from Jun 2018 to Jun 2020 (LinkedIn), Dilan Chavda — Senior Data Scientist (LinkedIn).
  • Inc. 23 Feb 2009 — Company # 4658062
  • Phunware UK LimitedInc. 12 April 2010 — Active — Company # 07220617, Directors: Alan Scott Knitowski, Charles Claisse, Tushare Veinobhai Patel

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