Network Chart: Trump’s new media company business partner Patrick Orlando and ARC Group

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The Michael Kenwood Group (the “MK Group”) which operated as a holding company for all of the “Michael Kenwood” branded entities was owned and controlled by Francisco Illarramendi (“Illarramendi”) (50.1%), Odo Habeck (“Habeck”) (29%) and Ron Percival (“Percival”) (20.9%)…BancTrust & Co. (“BT”) may be a Venezuelan company...Contact information provided by Christian Lovera (“Lovera”) and Cesar Jimenez (“Jimenez”), with whom ReoStar dealt on behalf of BT was the same as that of MK Group and MK Capital, at Four Stamford Plaza, 107 Elm Street, Suite 512, Stamford, CT 06902.

The Plaintiffs allege that Neves, Acosta, Luna, Aguilera, and several of their colleagues including Carlos Fuenmayor (“Fuenmayor”) and Christian Lovera (“Lovera”) of BancTrust & Co. a/k/a BancTrust Wealth Management, Inc. (“BancTrust”) conspired to defraud Frieri, Markwood and Golden Dawn

(Translated version) Like his brother, Arturo Frieri has also been investigated in Italy since 2015 for a possible evasion of 333 million euros…Salvador Frieri “has never filed a tax return” in that country. In Colombia it also registers investigations against him . In 2010, for example, he was convicted of a $ 1,275 million fraud, but due to an error in the ruling, the Constitutional Court left it without effect.

On July 30, 2020, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia entered a final judgment against Niel Martin Nielson, a London-based microcap executive who was previously charged by the SEC with defrauding retail investors in a penny stock scheme. The SEC’s complaint, filed on May 24, 2018, charged Nielson, the CEO of E-Waste Systems, Inc., an Ohio-based electronic waste recycling company, with orchestrating a scheme to artificially increase the company’s share price and volume. Nielson allegedly entered into a series of sham contracts, made materially false and misleading statements, and booked false revenue to create the impression that E-Waste was rapidly expanding across the United States, Europe, and Asia, when it in fact had virtually no operations.

From February 2017 through November 2017, Defendant Ahmad Haris “Harry” Tajyar, a securities fraud recidivist, engaged in a manipulative trading and false promotional campaign in connection with the stock of a company called Atlas Technology International, Inc., an alleged touchscreen technology business formerly known as Sweets & Treats, Inc. (the “Company”).

45-year-old Ahmad Haris Tajyar and his mother, 70-year-old Malalay Tajyar were both in on a false insurance claim worth nearly $70,000 in coverage for damage to their 2016 Aston Martin Vantage. The two said the sports car was hit while parked, but damage to the car was actually sustained in a 2018 accident, before the car was covered by insurance. The Tajyar duo face felony charges, and will be arraigned on July 6th.

Special agents with the FBI this morning arrested two of five defendants charged in an insider trading scheme in which the participants secretly used confidential information obtained from two investor relations firms to generate more than $1.7 million in illegal profits…Ahmad Haris Tajyar, 34, of Encino, was arrested without incident at his residence after being indicted for his role in two separate insider trading conspiracies. The first conspiracy involved trades based on confidential information obtained from an insider at the New York-based investor relations firm Lippert Heilshorn. The second conspiracy involved trades based on confidential information from clients of Haris Tajyar’s own investor relations firm, which was based in San Fernando Valley.

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