Trump’s Scottish Golf Properties Chart: Trump Turnberry and Trump International Golf Links Scotland

Source Information

All information is from the following three sources:

Trump International Golf Links

Also known as Trump International Scotland and Trump International Golf Club Scotland Limited

Trump Scotland Member Inc.

Trump International Golf Club Scotland Limited

  • Company # SC292100
  • Incorporated 21 October 2005 — Active
  • Discrepancy #1: Trump’s 2018 OGE financial disclosure form lists ‘Trump International Golf Links-Scotland’ but there is no listing for this in Open Corporates and this appears to be ‘Trump International Golf Club Scotland Limited’
  • Discrepancy #2: Trump’s 2018 OGE financial disclosure form shows that ‘Trump International Golf Links-Scotland’ is owned 1% by Trump Scotland Member Inc, and 99% by DJT Holdings Managing Member. However the UK Full Account filing for 2018 lists DJT Holdings LLC as the controlling party.
Trump’s 2018 OGE filing shows Trump Int’l Golf Links ownership that is different from the UK filing below
2018 full accounts for Trump Int’l Golf Club Scotland note control changed to DJT Holdings LLC in January 2017

Trump Hotel St. Andrews Limited

  • Company # SC343361
  • Incorporated 23 May 2008 — Dissolved 18 Jun 2010
  • Set up for failed bids to buy Hamilton Hall.

Trump International Hotel St. Andrews Member Inc.

Trump Turnberry

Also known as SLC Turnberry Limited

Turnberry Scotland Managing Member Corp

Turnberry Scotland LLC

Golf Recreation Scotland Limited

SLC Turnberry Limited

  • Company # SC177810
  • Incorporated 7 August 1997 — Active
  • Note: Trump’s 2018 financial disclosure form shows that ‘Trump Turnberry’ is owned by Golf Recreation Scotland Limited and Trump Turnberry owns Nitto World. In Open Corporates there is no ‘Trump Turnberry’ and based on UK Companies House filings, this is SLC Turnberry Limited.
‘Trump Turnberry’ in the 2018 financial disclosure form is ‘SLC Turnberry Limited’
SLC Turnberry Limited is owned by

Nitto World Co., Limited

DT Connect Europe Limited

Companies linked to both:

Ownership information for various entities is from Trump’s latest financial disclosure filed in 2019 — Donald J. Trump 2018 OGE Form 278e

Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust

  • No listing in Open Corporates

DJT Holdings Manager Member LLC

DJT Holdings Managing Member LLC — all branches

DJT Holdings LLC

Prior Turnberry owner — UAE government

Dubai World Corporation

  • Ultimate parent per company filings

Istithmar Building FZE

  • Parent per company filings

Leisurecorp Scotland Limited

Leisurecorp Limited

Sheraton Hotels England Limited

  • Management contract



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