Was a building purchased in 2015 for $14.25 million, by a former Bayrock-Trump associate, linked to the Khrapunov money laundering case?

  • On November 17, 2015, Daniel Ridloff signed a $14.25 million deed to purchase a six-story office building at 74 Broad Street in Manhattan.
  • An article about the transaction in The Real Deal lists investor Daniel Ridloff as vice president of SDG Investment Fund.
  • Daniel Ridloff and Felix Sater did business with the Khrapunov family, who are accused of laundering money through the Swiss Development Group — which created the SDG Investment Fund.

Ridloff, Sater & Khrapunov Money Laundering Case

November 2015 $14.25 million Real Estate Deal



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Wendy Siegelman

Wendy Siegelman

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