Was a building purchased in 2015 for $14.25 million, by a former Bayrock-Trump associate, linked to the Khrapunov money laundering case?

  • An article about the transaction in The Real Deal lists investor Daniel Ridloff as vice president of SDG Investment Fund.
  • Daniel Ridloff and Felix Sater did business with the Khrapunov family, who are accused of laundering money through the Swiss Development Group — which created the SDG Investment Fund.

Ridloff, Sater & Khrapunov Money Laundering Case

Following are some of the recent news stories connecting the Bayrock Group, Felix Sater, and Daniel Ridloff to the Khrapunov family (father Viktor, son Ilyas, daughter Elvira), and to Ilyas Khrapunov’s father-in-law, Mukhtar Ablyazov, who is accused of embezzling $6 billion from BTA Bank in Kazakhstan when he served as its chairman. These stories have taken on growing significance as they raise questions about whether or not any of the Kazakhstan deals were connected to potential money laundering through Trump properties.

November 2015 $14.25 million Real Estate Deal

The Real Deal briefly reported on the 2015 transaction:



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