Plane with tail number El-EGO, formerly Oleg Deripaska’s M-UGIC, en route to Molde, Norway September 22, 2019

Why were five private jets linked to Russia, Ukraine and China in Norway this week near Oleg Deripaska’s yacht?

While it’s not clear yet, information about the planes has similarities to recent reporting on a potential Deripaska business deal

Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska has been a central figure in the Trump-Russia story. He is the founder of Basic Element, president of En+ Group and, until recently, was majority owner of Rusal, the second largest aluminum company in the world. A close ally of Putin and once the richest man in Russia, Deripaska has been covered widely in Trump-Russia news and the Mueller report, for his business relationship with Trump’s former campaign manager and convicted felon, Paul Manafort. Years prior to the election, Deripaska had hired and paid tens of millions of dollars to Manafort. While Manafort worked for ‘free’ for Trump, he reportedly still owed up to $19 million to Deripaska.

Five private jets in Molde, Norway September 2019 - source:, photo credit: Bjørn Brunvoll
The plane with tail number EI-EGO is ex M-UGIC owned by Oleg Deripaska

The five planes in Molde this week:

N99KZ (Nice to Molde) — Registered with Bank of Utah Trustee, Operator is Shinning Spruce Limited, 610 Nathan Road, Room 1617 Hollywood Plaza, Mongkok Kowloon Hong Kong.



In June 2018, one of the planes in Molde this week, N99KZ, was there at the same time as Deripaska:

  • M-SAWO Deripaska’s plane in Molde
  • A high-speed craft spotted next to Elden and Severnaya Ten suggesting someone may have been visiting
  • M-SAWO — Molde → Moscow
  • N99KZ Molde →Paris


  • M-ZJBT Beijing →Tel Aviv →Molde, first to arrive
  • N999HZ Tokyo →Molde
  • EI-EGO Moscow →Molde
  • Elden and Severnaya Ten, Deripaska’s boats departed Molde after 10amGMT for Fraenfjorden on the other side of the Molde peninsula (the same location where Deripaska was filmed with Sergei Prikhodko in 2016)


  • M-CLAB London →Molde
  • N99KZ Nice →Molde


  • M-ZJBT departed Molde →Stockholm →Tel Aviv
  • EI-EGO departed Molde →Irkutsk (coincidentally, this is the location of Irkustkenergo, controlled by EuroSibEnergo, a subsidiary of Deripaska’s En+ Group)
  • N99ZK departed Molde →Bordeaux →Bergerac
  • N999HZ departed Molde →Bordeaux →Basel
  • M-CLAB departed Molde →Bordeaux
  • Elden and Severnaya Ten arrived in Molde


  • N99KZ Bergerac →Bordeaux, →Nice
  • N999HZ Basel →Bordeaux

Ukrainian Oleksandr Yaroslavsky

Oleksandr Yaroslavsky, the reported owner of one of the planes in Molde this week, has significant ties to several Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs in the Trump-Russia story.